Our Services

Please call our office for more information on any of the services listed below.

Daily Expedited Delivery

services rightMonarch Reporting, Inc. has a standard delivery time of seven business days. We also provide daily copy and expedited delivery as well. If a rough draft will fit your needs, we will send it via e-mail or you can access our online database. We specialize in meeting tight deadlines.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting allows the attorney to connect to the reporter's laptop with state-of-the-art software for instantaneous review of deposition testimony directly linked to your notebook computer or over the Internet anywhere in the world. Please let our office know if this service will be needed at the time of scheduling.


An E-Transcript is a completely self-contained interactive transcript clients will appreciate. Once the court reporter imports an ASCII into the E-Transcript software, the final E-Transcript file is encrypted, password, and virus protected and can be safely and securely e-mailed for instant electronic delivery.

Condensed Transcripts and Keywork Index

Tired of voluminous depositions? Condensed Transcript condenses up to 16 pages of testimony onto one page and gives an alphabetical listing of each word within the transcript and provides reference.

Transferring Exhibits and Depositions to CD-ROM

Monarch Reporting, Inc. can scan all exhibits and depositions and transfer them to CD-ROM or the format you may require.

Online/Internet Scheduling

Monarch Reporting, Inc. realizes your need to schedule services before or after business hours. Online Scheduling allows you to do this at your convenience without needing someone present in our office.

Translation Services

Monarch Reporting, Inc. uses certified interpreters for all foreign languages. Our interpreters are professional and respect the meaning of "verbatim."


Monarch Reporting, Inc. collaborates with Legal Media, Inc., for all video needs by providing state-of-the-art equipment and their expertise in video services.

Subpoena Process and Service

Our process servers are statewide and specialize in difficult-to-serve parties.

Nationwide Service

We will travel anywhere your case takes us; however, as a courtesy to our clients, Monarch Reporting, Inc. will take care of scheduling depositions, videographers, and interpreters anywhere in the United States if you so desire.

Online Service

Our clients now have round-the-clock secure access to our online office. Anywhere in the world you can connect to the Internet so you can check your current deposition schedule, see which bills you've paid and what's outstanding, download E-Transcripts as soon as they are posted, make change or cancel deposition requests.